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Refrigerator and Multifunction Thermostat



Amaj Control Co. till now has designed and produced several types of electromechanical, digital and smart - also a multifunction - thermostat for refrigerator and freezer manufacturing companies.


Several types of thermostats have been designed according to the order of Arj Co., which is one of the most famous Iranian home appliances manufacturers. Here is a list of various models of thermostat designed for Arj Co. :

1- Arj Multifunction Thermstat

2- Arj Freezer Smart Thermostat

3- Arj Electromechanical Thermostat


As follows here, you can see the images of electronic boards of the first and the second kinds.


Amaj Control has produced a multifunction thermostat for another Iranian company named Soboohi Industries.


Based on the need of all other refrigerator and freezer manufacturers in Iran, Amaj control has designed and produced a special model of multifunction thermostat, too.

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