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Refrigerator Quality Control System



Another one of the general purpose products of Amaj Control Co. that can be used for final product test and quality control in all refrigerator and freezer manufacturing companies and also for quality control of cooler and air conditioning system mass production.

This system can be set up stand alone without any need to rely on a computer system beside. Each station can perform the following tasks:

1- Temperature Measurement by Use of Two Sensors

2- Current Measurement by Use of Two Sensors

3- Determining Proper Test Conditions as Permitted Temperature and Current for Each Sensor

4- Product Quality Control according to the Applied Conditions and Deciding on Acceptance or Rejection of the Product

5- Capability of Connecting of All Station to Computer for Graphical Drawing and Reporting

It must be noted that each station is easily and quickly installed and it is possible to increase the number of test stations unlimitedly.

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