About Us


Amaj Control Engineering Company has begun its activities in 1999. During the past years the company performed several projects in the fields related to its technical and trading professions.


The company, with a professional and talented team of engineers and technicians certified in the fields of Electronics, Control Engineering, Software Programming and Hardware Design, is ready to take part in various projects. Some of the major projects and products of Amaj Control are introduced here.

This engineering company has shown its ability in performing projects in the following fields:

1- Industrial Automation, Monitoring and Control

2- Test Systems

3- Electronic and Control Systems for Home Appliances

4- Building Automation

5- Industrial Software Programming

6- Electronic Boards Mass Production

7- Technical and Trading Consulting Services

You can be better informed about the services supported by this company here.


Mr. Mohammad Afazeli, Master Degree in Control Engineering, is the C.E.O. of Amaj Control and Mr. Ali Jazbi, Master Degree in Control Engineering, is the head of managing board of the company.

Dear visitor, if you are interested to be in contact with Amaj Control, you can send email to Mr. Afazeli and Mr. Jazbi addresses, besides that you can use the detailed information here.

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